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The first ever Good Games Writing Pitch Jam!

September 17, 2013


Pitch Jam

If you’ve ever tried to write freelance in any industry, you know the frustrations involved with the occupation. Aside from the simple fear of wondering if you have what it takes, there’s the nervousness surrounding crafting the perfect pitch, as well as wondering if you’ll ever even get a response from the editors. With the […]

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Dexter vs. Breaking Bad: Two Case Studies in How to End

September 13, 2013


Having Walt on the brink of being taken down by those closest to him makes this final season the most intense yet.

2013 represents a tough year for me television-wise. While there are several great shows that I enjoy still on-air, such as The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Mad Men, as far as TV goes, 2013 will always be the year that saw the end of my two favorite shows of all-time: Dexter and Breaking […]

Remembering Ryan Davis of Giant Bomb

July 8, 2013



I was about to head out for a run as I saw the news break on Twitter with Brad Shoemaker posting a link to the announcement. His tweet simply said “It’s utterly heartbreaking to have to tell you that Ryan Davis passed away this weekend.” Even though the tone of the tweet was somber and […]

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